Carpet Cleaning Services and More in Kansas City

 Carpet Cleaning

Kansas City Carpet CleaningThere is nothing like freshly cleaned carpet to make your entire home feel clean!  Welcome guests with confidence knowing that the smells of Fido or the sneezes of the cat are gone!  Sleep at night knowing that your family’s indoor air quality is greatly improved and makes for fewer colds, flues & allergies year round. Stretch out across the floor in confidence knowing that your carpet is not only clean but it feels so soft!  On top of these benefits, rest assured that your investment of carpet will last for decades and not a few short years! Click here to learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, our methods and benefits to you.  Read More >>


Tile & Grout Cleaning

tile and stone floorDingy tile & stained grout lines can make your entire floor look old & uncared for.  With dirt getting trapped into the crevices of the tile and grout lines soaking up stains left and right, you are in for many hours scrubbing and the next week doing it all over again.  You are probably saying to yourself there has to be a better way! There is good news, there a way to make cleaning your floor a breeze!  Professional cleaning & sealing your grout lines takes away the need for back braking scrubbing and instead gives you a floor that stain & spill resistant and comes clean easily!  If you think your grout is too far gone & they only option is to replace your entire floor, think again!  Our color seal options make your floor look like new again and leaves money in your pocket! Click here to learn more about the process of tile and grout cleaning & sealing options.  Read More >>


Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery CleaningUpholstery & furniture cleaning is like carpet cleaning in that it will make your home feel so much cleaner!  The smell and look of fresh clean upholstery or furniture just makes you want to invite guests over and enjoy being home!  Get rid of those embarrassing moments when guests get that unsightly dog or cat hair all over the clothes, not to mention the possibilities of guest allergens being exasperated. The other possibility of those unsightly stains from Fido coming in rubbing up against your favorite sofa or those greasy little stains from family popcorn & movie night.  Read More >>


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

hardwood-floorThere is nothing like the beauty of wood floors that are freshly cleaned & gleaming with shine! Wood floors are so warm & inviting, make your space feel large & homey.  Welcome guests to walk right on in, shoes and all, knowing that your floors not only look beautiful but they will stay looking beautiful with the protections of clear coat sealer that was applied after it was cleaned!  Worrying about drink spills or sloshed water from the sink damaging your wood floors are things of the past.  Say goodbye to the closet full of cleaning products & hours of scrubbing & say hello to floors that no longer look dirty & dull!  Just a simple microfiber sweep and they stay looking great for years. Click here to learn more about the process of hardwood floor cleaning.  Read More >>


Area Rug Cleaning

Area RugsAdding warmth & functionality to your home with area rugs is a given.  Everyone has area rugs of some kind in their home and can you imagine life without them?  They serve such great purposes, from the low line rug to wipe your feet to your high-end rug that makes your living space say come on in!  Our lives without area rugs would be a lot messier and a lot less comfortable.  Routine cleaning of your area rugs insure that they will hold up to daily wear & tear and provide a clean place to sit down & relax.  Click here to learn more about the process of high-end area rug cleaning and our professional carpet cleaning services in Kansas City.  Read More >>


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