Kansas City Carpet Cleaning

Kansas City Carpet CleaningThere is nothing like coming home to a clean house! Clean carpets will make your home feel more clean than any housing cleaning service could provide! The smell and look of fresh clean carpets just make you want to take your shoes off, relax and enjoy being home! Dog or cat hair everywhere? No problem…our high suction truck mount extraction system will get rid of it! Still have a stain in the middle of the living room from Jimmy’s Cool-Aid? We can take care of that too! Don’t forget about the upholstery! Nothing is worse than guests with pet hair on their clothes! We will get you clean & looking good for any occasion, or simply just for everyday enjoyment!  Home carpet cleaning can be easy with great results!

How is Fetz Different than: Stanley Steamer, Chem Dry & Sears. Get tips on Choosing a Cleaning Company. Get comparison information on carpet cleaning methods.

Kansas City Carpet Cleaning FAQs Carpet Cleaning FAQs




Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet CleaningSteam Hot Water Extraction method uses hot water (230+ degrees) to sanitize the carpet by shooting cleaning solution into the carpet.  This then breaks up soil, bacteria and pollens; and then uses high powered extraction to remove soil and pollutions out of carpet.  Best solutions for deep carpet cleaning giving a clean air environment.

~ Recognized by EPA as most effective way to remove soil and thereby clean air pollutions.
~ Most effective to remove tough stains.
~ #1 recommended method by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning: Encapsulation

Dry Carpet CleaningAn environmentally friendly dry cleaning chemical is applied to carpet.   Using a twin-cylindrical brush machine, soil is drawn to the surface of the carpet fibers.  Then dry cleaning chemical dries & crystallizes the soil which is then easily extracted with routine vacuuming.  This extraction will take place in the first 1-2 occurrences of vacuuming after cleaning.

~ Fast drying time, approximately 1 hour.
~ Maintains high traffic or high soiled areas.
~ Excellent for removing surface soils & maintaining carpet in-between routine extractions.
~ Recommended for commercial carpets only


Stain Removal

carpet stainFor those occasions when you have a spill, accident, or someone walks in material that stains your carpet; we offer our professional carpet stain removal service. We utilize a specific combination of chemicals that are designed to treat different types of stains.  Unfortunately, complete carpet stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Companies that advertise a spot removal guarantee most often only guarantee a 2nd attempt or money back.  At Fetz we offer a guarantee of services. It is physically impossible to guarantee the removal of all stains.  There are many factors that influence the ability to remove stains: the type of stain, how long it has been there, the type of carpet, the prior cleaning methods used to clean the carpets or stain, wear and tear, and the age of the carpet, etc.We can utilize our repair method for patching, if stains are unable to be removed.

Get tips on at home spot removal & how to keep your carpet clean

Carpet Cleaning FAQs Carpet Cleaning FAQs



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