Mattress Cleaning in Kansas City

Bed TimeThere is nothing more important than your family!  The daunting task of getting rid of bed bugs or lice during an outbreak is overwhelming.  Mattress Cleaning is the answer to many of your battles!  You have to kill the lice, bugs and their eggs with extreme heat to stop the outbreak.  Then you will need to extract the remains from the mattress fibers, and professional steam cleaning is the only way to effectively remove lice & their eggs.  It is recommended to clean carpet around beds as well clean the mattress.  Our techs are IICRC Certified and trained professionals to handle your mattress cleaning needs.


How it Works

Uses hot water (240+ degrees) to sanitize the mattress by shooting cleaning solution into the mattress to break up soil, bacteria and pollens.  Then uses high-powered extraction to remove lice, bed bugs, soil and pollutions out of your mattress.